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Tech Tackles the Pitch: AI’s New Playbook for Football Strategy

Tech Tackles the Pitch: AI’s New Playbook for Football Strategy

Google DeepMind, a pioneer in AI research, has unveiled TacticAI – a deep learning system designed to revolutionise one of football’s most potent weapons: the corner kick!


The world of football is no stranger to the power of tactics and strategy. From the grass roots to the grand stadiums, coaches have always sought that special edge to outsmart the opposition. Clubs worldwide are beginning to embrace the power of AI to enhance their operations, decision making, and performances. Real Madrid has been leveraging AI analytics to unlock better insights into player performance and strategy. They employ AI tools to analyse millions of data points from each game, aiding in instant decision-making and continually improving players’ on-the-pitch performance. The AI-driven insights assist the coaches to understand the game better, strategize more effectively, and make informed substitutions based on real-time player fatigue and performance.

Manchester City has amplified its operations with a data-driven approach. The club is exploiting AI for tactics and injury prevention, with predictive models assessing the risk of player injuries. Liverpool have recognised the importance of enhancing fan experiences and engagement. They’ve used AI to personalise content for each fan, creating a more engaging and unique experience. Using AI, they can understand fan preferences, tailor content offerings, and even predict future consumer trends.

Google DeepMind Enters the Football Pitch

But now, a new player is entering the game: artificial intelligence.

Image: A bird’s eye overview of TacticAI. It includes graphical elements and text explaining questions such as who makes first contact with the ball, whether a shot will be taken, and how to position player to increase/decrease shot probability; Source:

Google DeepMind, a pioneer in AI research, has unveiled TacticAI – a deep learning system designed to revolutionise one of football’s most potent weapons: the corner kick. While cornersmay seem like organised chaos to the casual observer, TacticAI sees them as a complex physics problem waiting to be cracked.

Predict Where the Attack will Originate

By crunching vast amounts of data from real matches, TacticAI’s AI models can predict where attackers will run to receive the ball, which defenders pose the biggest counter-attack threat, and crucially, where the attacking team should position themselves for the best chance of scoring.

Under the hood, TacticAI transforms the messy, real-world tracking data of player movements into tidy “graph” structures that AI can easily understand. Each player becomes a node in this graph, with their positions and interactions forming the connecting lines.

Graph Neural Networks Extract Hidden Patterns

Special types of neural networks, known as graph neural networks (GNNs), then work their magic on these graphs. They extract hidden patterns and geometric relationships by repeatedly processing the data through layers of calculations. This allows TacticAI to not just analyse a corner kick scenario, but to visualise the optimal tactics.

But TacticAI doesn’t stop at predicting outcomes – it can also generate strategic positioning plans for the attacking team, showing them exactly where to move to exploit the defence’s weaknesses. And by training its AI models to understand the symmetry of the pitch, TacticAI can provide insights that work equally well attacking from either side.

An AI Coach

The potential applications for this AI assistant are vast. Imagine a coach with an AI tactician at their side, analysing every set-piece and phase of play, constantly seeking any opportunity to gain the upper hand.As data analysis and machine learning become ever more advanced, we may be witnessing the dawn of a new era in football coaching. The question is, will AI render human tactical intuition obsolete, or will it open up new avenues for strategic brilliance?

One thing’s for sure – with technology like TacticAI running the numbers, the beautiful game is about to get a whole lot smarter.

The future of football is here, and it’s powered by AI.


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