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Director’s Message

In a world of abundance, who needs managers? If there was a way to create and deliver an endless stream of goods and services at zero or negligible cost and yet make a handsome profit then there would have been no need for anyone to manage anything. But of course, such a utopia can only exist in a few sentences in an article before reality catches up and tells us that shortages — of (wo) men, materials, machinery and money — is a fundamental property of society.

That is why we need managers who can deliver more with less. When resources are limited, creativity is unlimited and that is the defining characteristic of the management education that is imparted at Praxis Business School. Ordinary people consume — goods, services and information, but it is the extraordinary people who make the jump from consumption to creation. Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people try to adapt the world to themselves — and that is how the world changes and society evolves. Otherwise we would still be living in dark caves and eating raw meat! But those who can visualise a new reality are vastly outnumbered by those who cannot. Students at Praxis are trained to create new visions, new ideas and new strategies.

If creativity is the leitmotif of a successful enterprise, then technology is the crucible where it is forged. Technology today is the driver of almost all change and digital technology is the one that is the fastest to market. Digital technology is conceptually different from information technology. It can transform existing enterprises but digital technology gives rise to new business models. A good software package like SAP is an IT solution that can radically improve the fleet management process in a taxi company but a creative combination of GPS hardware, 3G/4G telephony, machine learning can leverage the micro-entrepreneurship latent in many drivers to create the concept of Uber. Digital technology is a core component of the Praxis syllabus. Vision without execution degenerates into a mere hallucination. So close behind the tip of the spearhead lies the shaft of the spear without which the spear cannot be carried, thrown or will even fly. Success has been defined as ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. For every one unit of creativity in ideas we need ten units of creativity in execution. Praxis students learn that the devil is the detail and the ability to execute in time and with perfection is the eventual hallmark of success. In a rapidly changing world, learning has to be a lifelong exercise. So Praxis does not teach you a limited repertoire of skills but helps you learn how to learn. As the chief facilitator of your learning adventure, I welcome you all to celebrate your worth as you dream, dare and deliver with tomorrow‘s technology today.

Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee, PhD

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