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programs in India,
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(Analytics India Magazine '21 $ '22)

Program Objective

Praxis is driven by the purpose of creating resources that will lead India’s transformation into the tech and data-driven digital world.

The accelerated digitalization of transactions/processes post the pandemic has thrown up a world of opportunities. To this end, we are proud to offer India’s No.1 ranked PGP Data Science program.

The objective of our data science program is to empower our students to embark on an exciting career in this domain. Every aspect of the program is aligned to achieve this objective, including the content, delivery and the renowned Praxis Placement Program.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete our top ranked data science program undergo immersive in-class learning, collaboration with peers, and hands-on-experience, enabling them to:

Source, clean, and transform data

Apply modeling techniques to solve real-world business problems

Analyze, interpret findings & present results using data visualization techniques

Employ cutting edge tools & technologies to analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured Big Data

Demonstrate in depth knowledge of statistical data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning techniques in data-driven decision making across functions & industry verticals

Recognize ethical issues related to data security, integrity, and privacy

Work effectively in teams, demonstrate leadership and decision making skills


I recently joined as a Data Scientist. I must say, leaving eClerx and giving 1 year of my life to Praxis has not only helped me in enhancing my core analytical skills but also made me competitive in the field of Data Science.
Praxis has supported me with several opportunities to perform to my best! Working hard only pays off in the end if you also make the right choices. I did it by working hard with Praxis. Thank you so much!

Shivani Sinha

Data Scientist

Praxis provided me with a platform to hone my skills and a path to enter into the world of data science. The course curriculum was designed in such a way that it gave me not just a theoretical approach but also a practical one, that helps in solving real life business problems. The course covers a range of subjects with excellent faculty and industry support. I got placed with LTFS from campus and currently I am working as a Senior Data Scientist with Valiance Solutions. Praxis definitely has a part to play in helping me deliver business solutions.

Saurabh Sharma

Senior Data Scientist Valiance Solutions

I had zero experience of any kind in programming prior to joining the PGPDS program. I received the perfect guidance and study materials at Praxis. I feel that the faculty at Praxis is it's main strength and placements - the by product.
I had one of the best times of my life at Praxis, made very good friends and enjoyed a lot in all the activities at Praxis. It’s because of Praxis that I am working in one of the best domains as far as my career is concerned.

Sagar Patil

Assistant Manager, Analytics Tata Capital


Top Ranked Program
India's No.1 Data Science
Program in '21 & '22
(Source: Analytics India Magazine)

Pioneer of Data Science
education in India

Only institute in the country
to place over 30 batches of
Data Science students

550+ hours of
impactful delivery

With lectures,case studies,
hands-on labs, assignments
and projects

Tools: Python, R, SQL,
Spark,Tableau, PowerBI Techniques: Statistics, ML, DL,
AI, Time Series, Data Visualization
Platforms: Hadoop, TensorFlow, PyTorch

Program Coverage
Program Fees & Scholarships
Selection Process
Online Fee Payment

Business Analytics & Data Science lie at the intersection of disciplines like Statistics & Machine Learning, Programming, Business Management & Communication.

The full-time PGP in Data Science is designed to address all four in significant depth.

  • Technology Skills: An understanding of a wide range of tools like Python, R, Spark, Excel, SQL, Hadooop, MongoDB (NoSQL), Amazon AWS (EMR / EC2), QlikView and Tableau that are commonly used to extract, analyse and visualize data.
  • Statistical Modelling and Analytical Skills: Knowledge of Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques and the ability to create predictive models.
  • Applying Data Science to business situations: Our state-of-the-art data science course gives you a fair understanding of business functions like marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and the application of Analytics in verticals like BFSI, retails, telecom, healthcare etc.
  • Communication and Visualization: The ability to tell an effective story through Data and Infographics.

The program offers a comprehensive data science curriculum. It ensures extensive coverage, rigor, and hands-on lab work in three trimesters of three months each.

Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3
Mathematics for ML Time Series Forecasting Capstone Project
Introduction to Machine Learning. Multivariate Statistics & Econometrics Model Interpretation
Python Machine Learning Operations Natural Language Understanding
Statistics Analytics in Finance Deep Learning
Market Research Marketing Analytics Data Engineering
RDBMS and Data warehousing Advanced Machine Learning Model Deployment
Data Visualization and Storytelling. Big Data & IoT with NoSQL & Spark Applied Analytics in Business (Healthcare & Agriculture & Web & HR)
Financial Modeling Introduction to R
Natural Language Processing

Total 55.0 Credits



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