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Is a Model Collapse Imminent

A recent report by Stanford University points out how the almost insatiable hunger for data by LLMs has raised a rather alarming possibility of the Internet running out of data to train these models   A significant proportion of recent algorithmic progress, including progress behind powerful LLMs (Large Language Models), has been achieved by trainingRead More

GCCs Morphing Into Digital Twins of Their HQs

GCCs are increasingly mirroring their headquarters, focusing on both tech and non-tech capabilities, thus becoming key for companies looking to drive innovation, efficiency, and global competitiveness   A recent report reveals that Global Capability Centres (GCCs) in India are becoming strategic hubs for organisations seeking to harness the country’s abundant talent pool and favourable businessRead More

Will Indian Agriculture Face the Heat?

Notwithstanding the prolonged and staggering heatwaves, a good monsoon – coupled with improved crop output – has the potential to alleviate food inflation and stimulate rural and demand   Last year, India urban experienced one of the hottest years in over a century, with scorching heatwaves causing a significant increase in heat-related deaths. This year,Read More

Malicious actors using deepfakes

With over 2 billion voters across 50 countries going into elections worldwide, the democratic process faces a formidable foe asAI-generated content and deepfakes appear to unfairly influence the choice of voters   Very recently, a movie idol of Indian cinema who passed away back in 1980, was revived using technology to create a new movieRead More

Google vs. Huawei Battle Brews Over Weather Forecasting

While both Pangu-Weather and GraphCast are AI-based models, they have different focuses and strengths – and both contribute to the ongoing advancements in weather forecasting through AI technologies   A likely turbulence is brewing in the global weather forecasting model that is expected to become a US$4 billion market in the next few years. WhileRead More

Despite slowdown Data Science holds firm

The potential and promise of data science in India remain undiminished. The country can chart a course toward sustained growth, innovation, and prosperity, positioning itself at the vanguard of the global data science revolution   India’s ascent as a global technology powerhouse, particularly in the expansive field of data science, stands as a testament toRead More

Corporate Performance in the Age of AI

The AI Revolution brings both opportunities and formidable challenges. Assessing AI corporate performance is the key to sustainable success. Here’s looking at three models that offer valuable insights into how companies can leverage external expertise, foster internal collaboration, and align strategic priorities.   The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in global business has become notRead More

Productivity Growth in a Shifting Landscape

We delve into an agenda for fostering productivity growth, pioneered by McKinsey, recognising the distinctive challenges and opportunities that characterise the contemporary geo-economic environment   In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving global economic landscapes, the pursuit of productivity growth emerges as a paramount concern for both advanced and emerging economies. Here,Read More

Driving Ahead – Chinese EV

As the world grapples with the rise of Chinese EV manufacturers, it is essential for industry leaders and policymakers to find a balance between protectionism and fostering innovation   Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are rapidly emerging as major players in the global EV market, posing a significant challenge to established competitors. Led by companiesRead More

Tech Harmony: Aligning AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity Metrics

A major challenge today is the rising disparity in how business and technology leaders perceive and measure the full potential of emerging technologies   By bridging measurement divides and aligning expectations between business and technology leaders, organisations can unlock the full potential of emerging technologies, driving innovation, growth, and competitive advantage in the digital age.ARead More

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