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Leveraging Data for Comprehensive Employee Health and Wellness

Systematically leveraging data to improve employee health and wellness is not just an obligation but a strategic opportunity for organisations In the contemporary landscape of corporate responsibilities, fostering a workplace culture that prioritises employee health and wellness has become an imperative, driven by talent shortages, escalating healthcare costs, and the growing emphasis on the socialRead More

AI Revolutionizing Marketing

With 80% of advertisers leveraging at least one AI-powered search ad, the capabilities are vast, yet AI still falls short of grasping the overarching vision of an organisation In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, Google’s experts Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle and Sean Downey have shared invaluable insights on how AI is transformingRead More

The 2023 Nobel Prize Winners – Part II

We continue with our overview of the Nobel Prize winners of 2023 and their work. This concluding instalment focuses on the economics, literature, and peace awards. Our first instalment focused on the three science awards – physiology/medicine, physics, and chemistry. This concluding instalment discusses the economics, literature, and peace award winners of 2023. 2023 NobelRead More

Trendspotting: The Cherry on the top of all Strategic Planning

Identifying trends before rivals is often the fine line separating industry leaders from the chasing pack. Here’s what to keep in mind: Strategic planning is the compass that guides the long-term direction of an enterprise. However, the myopic focus of many executives on the immediate 3-5 years may cause them to overlook nascent, highly disruptiveRead More

The 2023 Nobel Prize Winners – Part I

We present an overview of the winners of 2023 and their work, in two parts. This first instalment focuses on the three science awards. Each year in October, committees in Sweden and Norway announce the recipients of the prestigious Nobel Prizes, recognising remarkable contributions made by individuals or organisations in various fields. These fields includeRead More

Indian brands value increased five-fold

While the more sustainable brands tend to drive market share, perceptions around the sustainability of the top 75 brands is lower than for all Indian brands Since 2014, the top 50 most valuable Indian brands have increased almost five-fold in value, from $70bn to $340bn in 2023, per the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Indian BrandsRead More

Climate crisis a major risk in 2024

Expected to be the hottest on record – the coming year will focus minds on efforts to reduce emissions, rebooting investment into renewables and electric vehicles Companies have been on a rollercoaster ride for the past few years as the pandemic, soaring commodity prices, high-interest rates and political disruption have resulted in good profits forRead More

Navigating the Wave of Generative AI

ILO research predicts, the ripple effects of GenAI are poised to resonate across a broad spectrum of occupations, leading to potential shifts within global labour markets In recent years, the proliferation of Generative AI (GenAI) has stirred a global debate concerning its impact on employment, particularly among white-collar and knowledge-based workers. The International Labour Organization’sRead More

The Big Read: Advertising in the age of Misinformation – Part I

The $600 billion digital advertising industry still lacks necessary scrutiny and moderation. This opacity needs to be tackled head-first. Here’s the first part that explains its roots The global digital advertising industry, currently estimated at a staggering $600 billion, is a continuously expanding behemoth. While major players like Facebook and other social media platforms serveRead More

Tech’s Exit Strategy: An Upcoming Buyer’s Market?

In the face of a shifting tech investment landscape, where a competitive buyer’s market looms on the horizon, investors and portfolio managers must be prepared to add significant value to their software assets. In the landscape of technology investments, strategic planning and foresight are paramount. As we enter a phase of shifting dynamics, characterised byRead More

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